Low Voltage Lighting

Outdoor lighting has the ability to turn your ordinary property into a more inviting and enjoyable environment.

Trees, buildings, fountains, and gardens can become impressive focal points. With low voltage lighting, you can highlight your home, accent specific landscape features, and increase your safety and security by lighting pathways, patios, pools, and stairs. Lighting also allows you to create various moods: create a lively entertainment area with bright party lighting, or a subtle, relaxing mood with backlighting. Although it's generally not considered when landscaping, outdoor lighting is essential to enhance your property and create an environment which will bring personal satisfaction for years to come.

ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting is proud to provide a high quality product at reasonable prices that fit the tough standards of architectural grade product along with the economy requirements of today's market. We have carefully developed an approach to product development that takes practical concepts in low voltage outdoor lighting and creates an easy-to-specify and easy-to-install method for our industry.

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