Rain Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting is the practice of capturing rainwater from a catchment area: a roof.

Rainwater is diverted into a collection system that filters and stores the water for future use. Stored water is a good alternative, not replacement, to potable water.

For every 25mm of rain, you can expect to collect 2.5 litres of water over every square foot of roof. If 25mm of rain falls on a 500 sq ft roof, 1250 litres of water could be collected and stored.

Why Harvest the Rain?

  • Save clean water for drinking. Use stored water for lawns and gardens. The pH of rainwater is slightly acidic making it ideal for landscape irrigation.
  • Help protect the surrounding ecosystems by reducing the potential of pollutants and debris entering the storm drain system.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment. Most people turn on the tap and never give a second thought to how the water gets to their residence. Using stored water will reduce the amount of energy used to collect, treat, and transport water from a holding facility. Municipal distribution systems are costly and power requirements are high.
  • Stored water is free!
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