Water Features

Aqua Control products match beauty with function and price.

Aqua Control offers fountains, pond and lake aerators, as well as general waterfall systems. They have several different series of fountains to accommodate each individual clients’ wants and needs. 

The most popular and economical fountain is the Evolution series fountain, it is a perfect fit for small ponds. The Evolution fountain is a ½ HP unit and only requires 120 volts to operate: plug it in and enjoy. Each fountain comes with a 24-hour controller and has the option for LED lights and additional nozzle patterns. The Evolution Series fountain is suitable for residential and light commercial applications.

The Select Series Fountain is the next step up from the Evolution series and is offered in a range of 1 to 5 HP options. The fountains’ centrifugal pump is designed to produce high pressure, thus producing taller and wider spray patterns.

The Endur Series Fountain is the 2 HP to 5 HP option. This series is built to utilize the revolutionary new Endur Motor with innovative, triple mechanical seal design. This motor design, paired with our proven Select Series Fountain pumps, was developed with longevity and performance in mind.

The Titan Series Fountain is Aqua Control’s largest fountain option. These fountain ranges anywhere from 7.5 HP to 40 HP. For an awe-inspiring display, the Titan series is the answer.

Irri Plus has several of these larger fountains working in Atlantic Canada.

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